How To Record Video with Your iPhone using an external mic

If you have ever tried to record a high quality video on your phone you may have noticed it can be difficult if not impossible to get quality sound.

  • Not being loud enough
  • Background noise
  • Interference

There’s a lot of ways your iPhone’s internal microphone can fail you and very few things will upset your customers faster than not being able to hear the audio on videos they just paid for. However, there is a solution. All you have to do is record video with your iPhone and use an external mic.

This article will show you how to quickly and easily record video with your iPhone using an external microphone.

 What You Need

  • An iPhone
  • An iPhone compatible Audio Cable Adapter
  • An iPhone compatible External Microphone

The first thing to keep in mind when deciding to record video with your iPhone is to purchase an external microphone and audio adapter that are iPhone compatible. You can find a variety of these adapters on this Amazon search page these cords are fairly inexpensive and should cost you around $5-7 US dollars.

You’ll also need a microphone, here you can choose from a few different types of external microphones depending on how you want your video to look:

  • Lavalier microphones: These are the small hidden microphones worn by professional TV presenters. They are smaller and can be hidden inside a shirt or jacket.
  • Condenser microphones: These microphones are larger and need to be spoken into. These are typically used for interview videos or podcasts.
  • Overhead microphones: Also known as “Boom” microphones generally are used for live action shows or when a Lavalier mic will not work because the presenter needs to move around. Overhead microphones require  an operator and should probably be avoided for now unless you have some sort of produced show and a team for recording.

You can find all variety of iPhone compatible microphones on this Amazon Search PageLavalier microphones or condensers are recommend for beginners.

 Getting Started

  •  First you’ll connect the microphone to the audio adapter. After you attach the microphone to the audio adapter you’ll plug the audio adapter into the iPhone.

Some audio adapters have power switches, some do not, if you’re using one which does require use an on/off switch, make sure the audio adapter is turned on before you plug in the microphone.

  • If you are using a microphone with a cord, like a Lavalier mic, make sure that the cord it comes with is long enough for you to record with. There’s nothing worse than buying all this gear and then not being able to use it because you got a 3 foot cord.

Once you’ve attached the audio adapter and microphone to the iPhone, you are ready to record. Depending on which app you are using to record on you may be prompted to change the audio settings to your external microphone but many apps like Snapchat will automatically adjust to your external equipment. We recommend recording a few test videos first to get a feel for where the microphone is, how loud you are, etc…

 You now know everything you need to know to start recording high quality video on your iPhone using an external mic, so get out there and make it happen!

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