How To Record and Edit Videos with Screenflow


What are Screen Capture Videos?

Screen capture videos allow you to share your entire screen with your audience, this is a great way to present visual materials like infographics, slide decks or powerpoint presentations.

Get Your Screen and Screenflow ready and hit record.

  • First, make sure you’re in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.
  • Have your headphones on and use an external microphone such as this microphone offered by, which has been recommended to hundreds of successful Kajabi users!
  • After your production setup is complete it’s time to gather your teaching materials! Infographics, slide decks, video clips, whatever you need to access during your video should be puller up or at least a single click away.
  • Once all of that is ready it’s time to start your screen capture by loading Screenflow and then making sure your audio and video recording options are correct (you’ll have the option to record from a webcam as well as the screen capture) and then it’s time to hit the big red Record button. You’ll know you’re ready to roll when you get the 3-second countdown on the screen. As soon as the countdown ends, you are live!

You can start and stop the recording as much as you want by clicking on the icon in the header bar and selecting “stop recording.”

Step # 2:  Edit The Audio and Video.

Now that you have your recording, you’re going to see what is called your “Video Canvas” in the industry. It should have 3 separate sections:

  • The canvas video itself
  • A media bar to the right that you can ignore for the purposes of this article
  • Your timeline 

We’re going to be paying all of our attention to your timeline because that’s where we’ll be editing your video. If you have a video intro that you use for your Kajabi course, you’ll want to leave room at the beginning to drag and drop that intro from the media bar into the beginning of your timeline. If you don’t have an intro, you’ll want to drag your entire video to the beginning of your timeline. All you have to do is click on the video you want to move on your timeline and drag.

Now, you may have some extra time on the beginning or end of the video that you want to get rid of, all you have to do is drag the time cursor which indicates where the video is playing on the canvas to the point you want to edit, and then select the Trim/edit to Playhead option from the edit menu to chop your video at this exact point.

To edit audio, all you have to do is drag the section you want to edit together before clicking on the media pane and adding a variety of filters and ways to smooth out the audio.

Step # 3: Export Your Video in HD!  

Lastly, you'll want to export your video in the highest quality possible, HD.

  • In order to export in HD you must click on File-Export. This will bring up a menu. The presets will be for Youtube quality so we want to change them to Web –High
  • Now if you just leave it like this, your video will come out very blurry. Instead, you want to click on Scale to custom size and select 1920 width with 1080 Height. Be sure to click on the box for letterbox content so that your video will not stretch!
  •  Then, go to Manage on the toolbar.
  • Click on Web-High again, copy it, and re-name it for your project.
  • Lastly, select Edit from the toolbar, which will bring up a little window. Leave everything alone, except for the Data rate, which you will make 5000 if you’re doing a video in 1920 x 1080.

After that, click on Export and then, you will have the option to export the video to your desktop, where you can then load it onto Kajabi!


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