Compressing video files using Handbrake


Within Kajabi, you are limited to 2GB files for uploading videos. The reason we’re using Handbrake (besides the fact that it’s free!) is that it is the easiest way to convert your video to the most commonly used compression standard H.264 this makes your video almost universally accessible and perfect for posting on Kajabi. We want to make posting your high quality videos on Kajabi as easy as possible and Handbrake is our favorite tool for doing so.

Let’s look at the 4 steps to compressing video files using Handbrake.

  • Install and load. The first step to compressing your video with handbrake is to go to and download the version of Handbrake for your operating system. After Handbrake downloads, it will automatically open and prompt you to upload your video. If the window does not automatically open up you can hit the open source button in the top left corner:



  • After you have selected the video you want to upload its time to select the destination and format. You select the destination by clicking on the browse button and picking where you would like to save the video to:


  • Make sure that you select the Mp4 format, as the MKV format is not compatible with Kajabi:


  • After you set the destination and the format, it’s time to set the rest of your setting so that you get the highest quality compression. Make sure that your video encoder is set to H.264:


  • Also, make sure you also select the correct presets for your video’s size and quality from the presets menu on the far right. You can even preset for web or device specific formatting so make sure you set the presets to where your audience will be viewing your content:


  • Additionally, set your picture settings to match Kajabi’s 1280 by 720 size at the best possible HD quality:


If you’re more knowledgeable about video compression you can also enter specific audio settings, add subtitles, chapter markings and more, but none of that is necessary to get a high quality HD video to post on Kajabi:


  • You’re almost done! Once you’ve set all your settings, consider adding them to your presets, then hit the start button and Handbrake will do the rest! When Handbrake is done compressing your video you will be notified and you’ll be ready to put your video on Kajabi!


Let’s re-cap the 4 simple steps to condensing your video with Handbrake.

  1. Download and Install Handbrake. Handbrake is available for free at download it, install it and open it.
  2. Select your destination and format. Once you have handbrake installed and open select your video, format and where you want it to be saved.
  3. Select your settings. Select the settings for video quality and the like.
  4. Hit Start. Sit back, relax and wait for Handbrake to do all the hard work for you. Thanks Handbrake!



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