How To Record Video with your Android Phone using an External Mic

Android phones are remarkable devices that allow you to record all kinds of content from video updates for snapchat to “live” content from conferences and events, but like most video recording devices, its internal microphone is not particularly good or useful. Especially if you’re recording content you’re going to be charging for in a Kajabi course.

If you’re going to be recording yourself on an android phone, you’re going to need to use an external microphone, and in this article, we’ll walk you through exactly what equipment you need to make high quality recordings directly from your phone.

What You Need

  • An Android Phone
  • An Android Phone compatible external microphone adapter
  • An external microphone

The first step to recording video with your android phone using an external microphone is to decide on your equipment. Depending on the phone you have you’ll want to do some research by googling terms like “Best external microphone for Samsung Galaxy S4” or other terms related to your phone. We recommend that you start by purchasing a standard 3.5mm jack adapter which you can purchase on Amazon here:


These jacks should have a clearly label port for headphones and a microphone as you can see in the picture. These jacks are pretty universal and should not cost you more than about $5 US.

Deciding on a Microphone

While there are a variety of microphones on the market, you’ll want to decide between either a Condenser microphone or a Lavalier microphone.

Lavalier Microphones: Often called “lapel” microphones, lavalier microphones were invented for on air talent like weathermen and newscasters so they could move around without the microphone becoming visible:


Condenser Microphones: Often referred to as “shotgun”microphones by audio experts shotgun mics allow you to get a wider amount of sound and are great for filming outdoors or doing a back and forth interview:


You can find a wide array of Android compatible microphones Here.

After you select your gear, all you have to do is plug and play.

  • Start by plugging the adapter into your Android phone’s 3.5mm jack. Some adapters have on/off switches, if yours does make sure the switch is in the on postion.
  • Once you have connected the adapter you can plug your external microphones cord into the microphone port on the adapter.

Be aware that when you are only recording audio android phones will automatically switch the recording to your external microphone but if you are recording video you must manually adjust the settings so that the audio records from your external microphone and not the android’s internal one. We recommend that you make a practice recording to make sure that you sound right and to get the right distance and levels for your microphone.

Once you have connected your external microphone to your android phone, you will be able to start creating high quality content from anywhere at anytime. You’ll also be able to start creating high quality “live” content allowing you to post professional sounding videos on platforms like Facebook live, Snapchat and Periscope.

You now know everything you need to know about recording video on your android phone using an external mic so get out there and make it happen!

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