How To Record and Edit Your Kajabi Videos With Camtasia.

While there are many screen capture options out there, Camtasia is highly recommended and available on both Mac and PC.

Other Benefits of Camtasia include:

  • Price. Camtasia is extremely inexpensive with a 1 time price of $199.  Camtasia is far less expensive than investing in editing software let alone fancy camera equipment.
  • Easy to use. As you’ll see in this article, it’s super easy to use Camtasia to record and edit your videos.
  • Export directly to iTunes or Youtube. Camtasia offers the option to export your video to iTunes, Youtube and other places you might want to post your videos to in addition to Kajabi.

How to set up your Camtasia video:

  • Once you purchase and install Camtasia you’ll want to record your first video. Make sure that whatever visual aids you have (infographics, weblinks, video clips) are ready and easy to find on your desktop. Camtasia allows you to decide if you want to record your full screen or a portion of the screen. Use the webcam or a combination of the two:


  • If you want to jump between screencasts and webcam footage you can record each portion individually and edit them together later on. Once you have everything you need, you click on the red rec button and there will be a 3 second countdown:


Once the countdown disappears, you are live!

How to edit your Camtasia video:

  • Once you’re done recording, you’ll click on the Camtasia icon in your header and click stop recording:


  • Once you stop recording, Camtasia will instantly bring up your video timeline. Here we recorded both webcam and screen capture so you’ll see two separate tracks below your video timeline. The first for webcam footage and the second for screen capture:


  • Next, drag both of those up onto your video timeline:


  • Then, make any edits you would like to make by dragging the cursor to the spot at which you’d like to start editing:


  • Then go to edit and select Split All at Playhead:


This will split your audio and video from both webcam and the screen capture so you can then drag the part of the video where you’d like to continue over and it will run seamlessly as long as they connect on the timeline. When you are done editing, simply split the playhead at the point on the video timeline where you want the video to end and delete the remaining footage by clicking on it and hitting delete on your keyboard.

How to export your camtasia video :

A great part of Camtasia is how easy they make it to export your videos to Google Drive, Youtube or iTunes. No matter what format you need to get your video into, Camtasia does it quickly and easily without needing messy codecs or conversion software.

  • To export your video, click on Share in the Camtasia header:


Here you’ll see all your options for exporting your video, including some very fancy ones if you setup My Places, but that is optional.

  • From there click on any option, like Youtube, and it will bring up a menu like this:


Allowing you to title and post a short description of the video. Once you’re ready to export, Camtasia takes a few minutes to prepare and compress your video before it’s ready to post to Kajabi.  

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