How do I backup/export a product theme?

How to export a product theme:

It's possible to download a backup of your product theme. It's a good idea to download a copy of your theme before customizing it so you can easily revert back to its current state if necessary. 

  • From your Dashboard click Products:Kajabi_and_How_do_I_backup_export_a_product_theme_.png
  • Next click on a product then click on the Appearance:Kajabi.png
  • Click on the more options icon and choose ExportKajabi.png

Tip: You'll be sent an email with a link to download a zip file of your theme. Download it to a location where you can access it later. 

How to import a theme:

  • To import a theme click on Upload Theme:


  • Last, select the product theme zip file and it will be added to your product theme list

Note: You cannot upload a website theme to be used as a product theme and vice versa. 

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