Can I view Video Stats for my posts?

You can now track your video stats and view heatmaps from directly within the Kajabi dashboard.

Being able to view video stats empowers users to analyze how many of your viewers are engaged and at what points their engagement peaks or declines. 

The best part is, video stats are included in all Kajabi plans at no additional cost to users, saving hundreds of dollars a year!

Total Plays

The Total Plays represents the total number of times that a video was watched, not the number of unique visitors who played this video. Your heatmaps will show the amount of plays per person, but we'll go over that in a bit. This is where you'll also be able to see how long ago your video was uploaded. 

Play Rate

If you offer any text in your posts whatsoever, you may have some members who prefer to only read your content rather than watch your videos. To each their own, right? This is the basis of your play rate calculation. Out of the total amount of people who load your post, the play rate will show you how many unique visitors play your video.

Average Engagement

As the name implies, the Average Engagement tracks how much of a video members watch. For example, if only the first half of your video is being watched, then your average engagement will be around 50%.

It's calculated by taking the total time watched by your members, and dividing it by the "Total Plays" x "Video Length." You can visually see where your viewers are engaged on average through the 'Visual Engagement Viewer.'

Visual Engagement Viewer

With this graphical overlay, you can view the parts of your video where users were either engaged or disinterested. If an audience tends to stop watching the video during your outro, then you'll see this visually in the graph, allowing you to adjust as needed.

Viewer Heatmaps

Viewer Heatmaps give such amazing insight to your viewership. Each color represents how many times a single viewer played your specific parts of your video. 

White sections show that the user didn't watch the video at all.

Green sections represent that the video was watched exactly once.

Yellow sections show you where a video was replayed one time, and orange shows where members replayed twice.

As the colors become darker, it represents an increase in total replays. As the colors go into red and darker red, this represents 3 and 4 replays, and so on. You'll be able to see specific members' individual video engagement, how cool is that?!


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