How do I automatically apply a coupon code?

To automatically add a coupon code to a checkout page will require a custom sales page. Click the link to learn how to create one using a landing page: Custom Sales Page.  


  • After you create your custom sales page, navigate to your Offers then click on an Offer and click the Kajabi.jpg button: Kajabi.jpg
  • Now, go back to your custom sales page and paste your Checkout URL to a CTA button then add the coupon code parameters (see Tips below) to the end of your Checkout URL. In this example the coupon code is 50OFF (replace 50OFF with your coupon code):

Tips: Add the coupon code parameter to the end of your Checkout URL: ?coupon_code=50OFF

URL Example:


The coupon code will now be automatically applied when clicking the CTA button. 


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