As you may know, Kajabi only allows one email per member, and there's no way to delete a member. So the question that arises is, "How do I test my email sequence or optin form after I've used up my emails?"

Option #1:

It is possible to use the same email be designating a number in front of the email address and Each email will be read by the system as a new email address.

For example,,, and so on...

Option #2:

Change the email on the test account. This option will free up your email for a new account. 

Option #3:

Another way would be to use a disposable email address. A disposable email is just that, you can create a temporary email and it will receive any incoming emails. When you're done testing, the email will automatically be disposed of by the provider after a specified amount of time. 

Click here to create a disposable email:

  • click New Email on the left.
  • click the email at the top to copy your disposable email

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