After reading this article, you can either choose for every visitor to your site to be automatically opted-in to receive marketing emails, or give them a choice to opt-in when they fill out an Opt-in Form or purchase an Offer

  • First, go to your Settings tab:


  • Then, scroll down to the Checkout Page Opt-in section. It will give you 3 options:
    • Optional - Members can choose to be on your email list by checking an opt-in box at checkout.
    • Automatic - The opt-in checkbox will be hidden and members will be automatically added to your email list when they purchase something from you.
    • Disabled - The opt-in checkbox will be hidden and members will not be added to your email list.


  • After reading the yellow notice, make your choice and click Save!

Note: This process only affects members who fill out a form or purchase an offer. This does not apply to members that you have imported manually.

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