Can I add a CTA to a video? What is an end of video CTA?

One great feature in the Premier theme is the ability to add a CTA in the video window after the video is finished. Follow this guide to learn how to add an end of video CTA. 

First, open the Premier theme editor. An end of video CTA can be added to a website or landing page theme. 

  • Add a Video block to your Premier landing page or website theme:

  • Check the boxes for "Edit CTA Message" and "Show CTA Message At Video End"

Note: "Edit CTA Message" is for editing purposes only. Uncheck this box before saving your changes!

Once you have added your message, you can add a CTA action button. This is an action button, so it can redirect to a URL, download a file, and several other functions. 

  • To add the button, scroll to the bottom, and click "Add Video End CTA":

  • This will add a CTA button to the CTA inside of the video.

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