You can do this with AddThis! Click here to get started.

  • First, choose your Account Creation preference:


  • Next, select how you would like to use AddThis. The most common option is for Share Buttons:


  • Choose the appearance of your Share buttons. For the purpose of this article, we will build the Sidebar option. Then click Continue:



  • Choose your Settings, Design, and Options. Once the preview displays how you like it, click Save & Continue (no changes are necessary for a fully-functioning sidebar):


  • Copy the snippet of code given in Step 1: 


  • Once the code is copied, go to your Kajabi Dashboard, go the Website tab, click on the 3 dots to the right of your theme, then click Edit Code

  • Next, go to the Layouts folder and open the theme.liquid file: 


  • Paste your code before the closing </body> tag towards the bottom of your file:


  • Lastly, just click Kajabi.png, then check out your site!​
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