How do I integrate with PayPal?

Once you have accepted charges and recorded transactions through this integration we cannot detach your account so that you can integrate with another PayPal account. Please make sure you are using the correct PayPal account before you integrate.


First, you will need to either upgrade your current PayPal account to a Business Account or create a new Business PayPal account. You must do this before moving forward with the instructions in this article. Kajabi accounts will only integrate with Business PayPal accounts, not personal accounts:







  • Once you're logged in, go to the Accounts tab under the Sandbox header:



  • Clicking on the Accounts tab will automatically generate a business and personal Sandbox Account for you. You will need to have these accounts in order to create an app in the next step:Sandbox_accounts___PayPal_Developer.jpg
  • Next, you'll click the My Apps & Credentials tab under the Dashboard header: 



  • Scroll down on this page until you reach the REST API app section. Click the Applications___PayPal_Developer.jpg button:Applications___PayPal_Developer.jpg


  • Fill in the "App Name" field with the name of your site or your business name i.e. "My First Site"


  • Then you will click the How_do_I_integrate_with_PayPal_.jpgbutton


  • You will be redirected to a screen that contains your API Credentials needed to set up your PayPal integration. Click the Live button on the right side of page to view your Live API Credentials. Make sure you are using the Live API Credentials and not the Sandbox API Credentials. The Live API Credentials will be used for your PayPal integration:Edit_Applications_-_PayPal_Developer.jpg


  • You will be taken to the Live API Credentials page. You will see a Client ID code–save or write down that code for use in a later step in this integration. It is very important that you copy this code correctly. If you do not copy this code correctly the integration will fail to connect properly. You will also see a header that says Secret. Click the Show button below that the Secret header. Copy and save this code for use in a later step in this integration. Again, it is very important that you copy these codes correctly. The integration will fail if you enter the codes incorrectly: Edit_Applications_-_PayPal_Developer.jpg

Now that you have the API credentials from PayPal, you will need to add them to the integrations tab in Kajabi.

Click Integrations from your Admin Dashboard and click "Connect" for the PayPal integration:

Add the API Credentials, then click Save:

Once you've successfully added the PayPal credentials, you can add PayPal as a payment option for an offer.

  • Click the Sales tab, then Offers:

  • Select an Offer, then go to the payment settings in the "Offer Details" tab:

  • PayPal will be an option in the second step of the checkout page and the PayPal button will be shown on the third step of the checkout page as a payment option:


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