How do I charge one initial amount with a different monthly payment?

We have some great tips and tricks to accomplish this for your members. This method can be used for a paid trial, such as charging the first week for $1 then $20/month, or simply having the first month's payment differ from the rest. To set this up, you will be building an initial Offer with No Products attached and an Upsell Offer containing all of your included Products. 


Note: I use the term "Upsell" so you know what to build in Kajabi, however, we recommend that you do not use this term on the page or with your members. Leaving this term out will allow your Sales process to appear seamless.


Initial Offer

If you would like a $1 trial or a specific price for the first month, here is where we'll build it.

  • Build an Offer with a One-Time Payment. This amount should be your initial payment or trial amount. This Offer should not have any Products attached. This is the Offer that will be advertised on your Sales Page. Make sure that this Offer and Sales Page really describes and includes everything included in this package or membership.

Subscription Offer

  • Next, you'll create a new Offer. This Offer will be your subscription. If you have a 1 week trial for $1, then a $20 monthly payment, this is where you'll create the subscription amount for $20. In the same payment settings, add a trial for however long your advertised trial is. If your trial is a week as described above, this is the time to add that setting. If your initial Offer is simply a different price for the first month, then set the Trial for this Offer to be 30 days. Additionally, include all necessary Products to this Offer.

Last Steps

  • Lastly, navigate back to your Initial Offer, then click on the Upsell tab. When you choose your Subscription Offer for your Upsell, you'll have the opportunity to edit the page they see after they buy the initial Offer. This page must make it clear to them that clicking purchase one more time on this page is necessary and that if they don't, they will not have access to any of your Products. Including the Offer in the Subscription Offer prevents people from purchasing your less expensive initial Offer and having access to everything.


Tip: Feel free to advise them to cancel their subscription before the trial period is up to avoid paying for a possibly unwanted subscription.

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