How do I import my contacts?

Adding Contacts or Subscribers

A subscriber or contact is someone who has opted into your mailing list granting you consent to send them marketing emails. In this article you'll learn how you can import your list of contacts to your New Kajabi site.

 Before You Start

Requirement: Only import subscribers who have explicitly agreed to join your mailing list(s). Please read our Email Import-Permission-Spam article for more information.

Note: Your list needs to be in CSV format with two fields: Full Name and Email (DO NOT separate First Name and Last Name into different fields).

Example :
John Doe,
Jane Smith,

 From your dashboard:

  • Click on People:


  • Next, click +Add People in the top right corner:


  • Finally, select Import Multiple People:
    • Paste your CSV data or enter a name and email separated by a comma or copy & paste the lines from your CSV file as follows:

      John Doe,
      Jane Smith,

    • Optional: Choose an offer to add them to this will give them free access to any products associated with the offer AND send new members their login credentials.                                                                                                      
    • Confirm "Subscribe to marketing emails" is appropriately checked
    • Review the terms and agree to terms
    • Click Save to import


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