Tagging Members in New Kajabi

Tagging is a useful feature for segmenting your email lists. You can use tags to specify which members will be added to an email sequence. Once a tag has been applied to a contact, they can be automatically added or removed from an email list associated with that tag. 

Follow this guide to learn how to use tags in New Kajabi.

How to add a tag:

Adding a tag to a member in Kajabi can be done from their member details.


First, click the People tab from your Admin Dashboard

  • Find the member and click them to open their Member details:
  • You will see the Tags section on the right:

Note: Kajabi will display all of your tags in the tags section. However, only blue tags will be active. 


How to use Tags:

Once a tag has been added, you can associate it with an email sequence, broadcast email, or member export list. After you add your first tag, a new filter for "Has tag" will be displayed on the filter list. 

Use this filter to compile a list of all member and/or contacts that have the same tag. With this setting, any contacts that get the selected tag will be added to the email sequence. 

Note: You must add a tag before the filter is displayed. 

Tip: Want to reach members without a certain tag? Use the "Does not have tag" filter

Adding tagged members to marketing emails:

You can also use tags to add contacts to a broadcast email or sequence.

Click the "Subscribers" tab at the top, then click "+Add Subscribers":

Click "Add Filter", then apply a filter for the tag:

Click confirm when you're done. 

Automatically apply tags when your members complete certain action in Kajabi:

If you would like to automatically tag contacts who complete an opt-in form - click here

If you would like to automatically tag contacts who purchase an offer - click here

If you would like to automatically tag contacts that complete an email sequence - click here

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