How do I setup a Live Webinar in a landing page?

Did you know that you can host a LIVE webinar inside of a landing page? Follow this guide to embed our live webinar into a landing page for your wonderful members to tune in! 

Note: Before setting up your webinar, you will need to setup youtube live. Click here to learn how to setup Youtube Live.

 Now, let's get started! 

First, we will be setting up the framework for the landing page. 

  • Click the landing page tab, then create a new landing page with the default Standard template:

  • Next, add a "Custom Content" section:

The first block that we will add to this section is a custom code block. This is the block that we will add the video embed code. 

  • Click "Add content" then add a custom code block to the custom content section:

  • Next, we will be pasting the embed code for your Youtube Live video. 
    • Return to your Youtube Live dashboard here
    • Right click on the video, then click "Copy video URL"

  • Now, paste the embed code into the custom code block in Kajabi:

  • Now set the container width for this block to 7/12:

Adding Chat to your Webinar

You should see the video show up in the preview window. The next thing we will need to add is a chat widget. Here at Kajabi, we use an easy and free app called Chatroll.

  • Once you sign up for an account and setup your first chat room, copy the embed code:

  • Next, add a new custom content block to the custom content section - just like before. Then paste the chat widget embed code there:

  • Now set the container width for this block to 5/12:


Now you should see both the Live Video and your chat room on the page! 

 At this point, you have the essentials for a live webinar. Now you're free to customize the page just as you wish.

Tip: Just as an added bonus, here's a template for exact same webinar layout that we use. Just replace the embed codes and you're good to go!

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