How can I migrate from Kajabi Next to New Kajabi?

Transferring a video from Kajabi Next to New Kajabi is as simple as copy and pasting the video URL.

  • First, you'll want to edit a Lesson from your Kajabi Next admin, then open the Media tab:


  • Next, play the video, then Right-Click in the area below or above the video play bar. Next, click Copy Video Address.

 Tip: If you don't see this, try right-clicking in the area closer to the play bar.


  • Create a post in New Kajabi, then click New File in the Upload Video section.
  • Click the Link (URL) tab in the file picker, then paste the video URL and click Search.

  • Once the video has been located, click Select at the bottom right. Soon after, the video will start uploading. 

Exporting members from Kajabi Next into New Kajabi

Export your student's from Kajabi Next with ease, then grant them access to products in New Kajabi with a member import. 

Exporting members from Kajabi Next:

  • Go to the Students tab in the course settings
  • Click on the Export to CSV button


  • First, go to the Student tab in the course settings.


  • Click on the Export to CSV button.

Clicking on the button will download a CSV file to your computer containing a list of your student's name and email. 

Importing Your Students Into New Kajabi:

Adding People to your products is quick and easy, all you need is their name and email address!

  • Click on the People tab 
  • Click +Import Members at the top right
  • Paste the CSV data (name, email) in the box
  • Select an offer from the drop-down and click save

Tip: Opening your CSV in a text editor is much more convenient to copy/paste the data. Right click the file on your computer, then select a text editor under the Open With option.  


  • First, click on the People tab from your Admin Dashboard.

  • Next, click the +Import Members button in the top right corner.
  • Paste your customer data (name, email) and select the Offer for which you'd like them to have access.

  • Click Save. Voila! A new member account has been created for your students, and they will be sent login instructions for their new products!

Voila! A new member account will be created for your students, and they will be sent a Welcome Email with their login instructions for their new products!

Tip: You can customize email templates from the website tab. Click Website > Email templates. Imported members will receive their login details in the Welcome Email. 

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