How do I cancel my account? How do I cancel my trial?

If at any time you decide Kajabi isn't the right solution for you, you can cancel your monthly subscription from account settings. If you're on an annual plan, you'll need to contact our support team to help cancel your account. Click here to contact support.


  • To cancel your account, click Account in the User menu at the bottom-left corner:

  • Click the Billing tab:

  • Click "Please cancel my account":

Tip: If you would like to cancel your trial, the instructions are the same. Instead of "Please cancel my account", you'll see "Please cancel my trial"


Note: Any promotions for Kajabi or Megaphone you are receiving in conjunction with the New Kajabi beta bundle will be forfeited upon cancellation of new Kajabi.

Keep in mind no refunds can be issued beyond 30 days of initial signup.

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