How do I add an about me page in Kajabi? What is a Static page?

Static Pages are useful when you have information or content that doesn't necessarily belong to any of your Products. Some examples would be a "Terms & Conditions" page, or even an "About Me" section. The possibilities are endless!

  • Click the Website tab in your Admin Dashboard. Then, click on the Static Pages tab. 


  • Click +New Page to create a new one!
  • Fill out the Title and Content you want to be available on your page. You're free to use HTML and to format it however you'd like!
  • If you'd like to add embeddable widgets and other content, click the <> symbol to paste the code in the source code section.  

  • Create the URL path on which you want this page to be accessible. 

Note: Static page URL will always include the /pages subdomain. 

  • Add a link for the Static Page to a link list.

Tip: If you want to create a link list or edit an existing one, click on the Navigation tab. Click here to learn about link lists


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