Can I use a custom sales page? How do I redirect a sales page?

Redirecting a Sales page to a Landing page will bypass the sales page from your site store. This is great for closing a cart or using a custom sales page. You can direct the flow of traffic on your website, just like a traffic controller. 

What is the purpose of redirecting?

The first step is to learn why you're redirecting the sales page. This will determine the kind of landing page you will need to create.

For instance, let's say that you have closed enrollment for a webinar. A simple landing page with text stating "Registration Is Closed" would be ideal. On the other hand, let's say you're using an outside payment processor, you'll want to use a landing page as a custom sales page. 

There're several scenarios that lead to redirecting the sales page to a landing page. Once you've decided the landing page that you need, it's time to start building.

How to build the landing page:

Now that we've determined the type of landing page that you need, it's time to start building.

Click the marketing tab, then click new landing page.

For this example, we're going to create a landing page for a closed registration.

Next, it's time to select your theme. Each theme is designed for a specific circumstance. Be sure to choose a theme that is suitable for your goal. 
We're going to use the Duet theme for this example. Its minimal design is perfect for a simple message.

Click here to view the example page 

Great job! Now It's time to link this landing page to the sales page that is displayed in the site store. 

Link the landing page:

To configure the redirect, we'll need to go to the sales page settings. If you don't have a sale's page created, now would be the time to create one.  

Click sales > sales pages > then click edit next to the sales page.

Next, scroll down the Redirect section, then select the landing page from the list. 

Don't forget to Save!

With this configuration, your visitors will bypass the sales page and be redirected to the landing page of your choice. 

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