Can Kajabi host my blog? How do I create a blog post in Kajabi?

Kajabi has a built-in blog so you can share your message and grow your list with no other blogging platform needed. Follow the steps to create your blog in Kajabi.

  • Search Blog from your Kajabi Assistant


  • Click "Set up my blog"

  • Add blog title and description then save. 


To start adding new blog posts to your Kajabi blog:

  • Click +New Blog Post at the top-right

  • Complete the fields for blog post title and description

Tip: The title will be used in the URL for your blog post. Example:

  • Add the blog image 
  • Add an optional image available to themes. Some site themes will use this image when displaying your posts on your blog. (Recommended dimensions of 1280x720.)
  • Add tags

Tagging your blogs posts is a great way to keep them organized. Once you add tags to a blog post, the tags will be displayed as categories on your main blog page.

Note: Be sure to Hit tab/enter after typing the tag to make it stick, then save.

  • Complete SEO and Sharing
  • Enter the information about the post for SEO and sharing with social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is okay to leave these fields blank, the SEO and Sharing fall back to reasonable defaults.

Tip: Is Facebook not reflecting your updated shared information? It could be due to outdated information in their system cache. Using the Facebook debugger may solve this. Paste the page URL then click debug, then click Save.

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