How do I change the order my posts show up? How do I reorder my product posts?

If you'd like to rearrange the order of your posts within a category, you can do so by following a few simple steps.

  • First, you'll need to go to your Products tab in your Admin Dashboard:

  • From the Products tab, click Edit next to the product you'd like to arrange the posts.
  • Now go to your Categories tab, and proceed to click Edit next to the category with the Posts you'd like to arrange.

  • You'll notice an icon of three horizontal lines that are vertically stacked next to your post titles. You'll use this icon to "drag and drop" your posts into the correct order.

Tip: The three horizontal lines can be used to rearrange different elements in other areas of Kajabi as well

Once you drag and drop your posts in the correct order, the changes will update automatically.

Once you save your changes, you'll see that your posts will remain in the desired order.

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