What is a landing page? How do I create a landing page?

A landing page is a single, multi-purpose web page in Kajabi. A landing page can be used to collect leads and/or advertise your products, or to simply thank your new subscriber for opting in or purchasing. Landing pages can be designed to do many things. If you'd like to create a landing page, you can follow the instructions below.


  • From your dashboard, click on Landing Pages:

  • Once you're in the Landing Pages tab, you can create a new landing page. Click +New Landing Page to create a new page:


  • After choosing your new theme, go ahead and give it a title for future reference:

  • The landing page theme editor is identical to the website and product theme editor, with the exception of settings that are specific to the theme. Click here to learn more about the theme editor. 

These are simply some of the features involved with our new Landing Page feature, so we recommend opening your Marketing tab and discovering these amazing pages for yourself!

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