How do I send an email broadcast? How can I email my entire list?

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An email broadcast is an individual email sent to your subscribers via the Kajabi app. Learn how to send an email broadcast below. 

  • Let's start by typing Email Broadcast then clicking Create New Email Broadcast in the Kajabi Assistant:



Create a new broadcast

Click +New Email Broadcast to create a new broadcast. 

  • Next, give your new broadcast a title

Note: This is the internal title for the email broadcast used in reports. It will not be shown to recipients. Example: "New product launch" or "Spring marketing blast".

Choose Recipients

  • Choose which subscribers you want to send the broadcast to. Subscribers are only those that opted-in on checkout or via an opt-in form. Imported subscriber lists are not supported in Kajabi.

Tip: If you would like to be considered for a subscriber list import, contact our support team at

By default, an email broadcast will be sent to every subscribed member of your site. You can target certain members using filters. 

Choose the add filter button to define your recipient list

Edit broadcast content

  • Once you've created your recipient list, it's time to work on the broadcast content. Edit the subject and body for the broadcast email.

Tip: You can use liquid tags in the subject and body of your email broadcast. Click "Show all supported liquid tags" for a complete list of liquid tags. 

Review broadcast

  • Review your email to check for grammar errors and spacing issues. You can click the "send preview" button to email a live copy of the email broadcast. 

Tip: To edit the "From" and "Reply to" address, click the marketing settings tab. 

Send broadcast

  • When your broadcast is proofed for errors and you've confirmed the recipient list, it's time to launch! 

Kajabi will ask, "are you ready to send this email...?", click "Yes, send this now


  • After an email broadcast has been sent, you can go back to view the report. Click on the Email Broadcast tab, then click "report" for the email. The report will list the following: Clicked, Opens, Bounced, and Unsubscribed. 

The report will list the following:

Clicked - Subscriber clicked a link inside the email Opens, Bounced, and Unsubscribed. 

Opens - Subscriber opened the email

Bounced - The email was not deliverable to the recipient

Unsubscribed - The recipient unsubscribed from email marketing 

Note: Member Welcome Email, Offer Purchase Confirmation, Affiliate User Welcome Email, Reply Comment Notification, Member Drip Notification, and Password Re-set emails do not count against your total number of email broadcasts.


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