What is Drip Content and how do I set it up? Can I release product posts over time?

Drip content (AKA Evergreen content) allows you to share content slowly, over time, instead of giving the subscriber access to everything up front. You have the ability to set categories in Kajabi to be released a number of days after a member joins a product. This is useful if you want to have new content released to a member each week after they join, for example.

  • First, from your main dashboard select Products and select the edit pencil next to the product that contains the category you need to drip:

  • Once in, select the Category(s) you need to set to drip:

  • Once in, on the right under "Visibility" you can set the category to Drip:

If a category is set as "Drip", an email will be sent to the member on the day that the category becomes available to them at the time you specify in your Settings Tab.  This is useful to make them aware of the new content and to pull them back into the site. 

The email which gets sent to the member looks like this:

Hello (member’s name),  

There’s new content available for you at (your site’s name).  

(name of product) 
  (name of category that just became available)  

To login to the site, just follow this link: (site login link)

You can customize email templates from the website tab. Click Website then click Email Templates. You'll want to edit the Drip Notification template.


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