We are ecstatic to introduce our latest addition to Kajabi's integrated marketing tools, Email Sequencing! This latest addition will complete our Kajabi platform as an all-in-one solution to sell, market, and deliver your online content. Follow this guide to learn set up your first email sequence.

Before you can send a marketing email in Kajabi, you're required to provide basic contact details about your business or organization. This is required to ensure compliance with spam laws.

  • First, go to the Email Marketing tab, and click Marketing Settings:

  • Now complete the entire form and click Save.

Create a new email sequence

Now it's time to create your email sequence. Click on the Email Sequence tab then click Kajabi.png (top right). 

  • Next, give your new email sequence a title, then click Save and continue:

Note: This title is for internal use and will not be visible to your members.

Create emails for sequence

Next, you will need to create each email for the sequence. The assigned emails are not static. So if you want to add an email or even remove an unwanted email, you can do so at any time.

  • Now create your emails, then click Save:

Note: Save the email sequence before adding another email

Add your subscribers

The last step is to specify "who" will be lucky enough to subscribe to your email sequence. You can also add subscribers from the email sequence, optin-form, or the offer settings.

Next, use a filter to determine who gets added to the subscriber list. Once a filter is applied, a number of matching subscribers will be updated below. You can also remove filters. Once you've added the necessary filters, click Confirm and add to email sequence.

Here are a few other ways to add subscribers to your email sequence:


Via opt-in form settings

Subscribe whoever submits an opt-in form:

  • Click Email marketing tab
  • Click Optin forms and select the form
  • Email Sequence Subscription is at the bottom


Via Offer settings

Subscribe whomever purchases an offer:

  • Click Sales tab
  • Click Offers tab then select the offer
  • Locate the After Purchase field on the right-hand sidebar 
  • Select form in the Email sequence subscription section



Reporting for your sequence

The report tab will display how well your email marketing is performing. This tab quantifies several different events and calculates conversion rates.

Event Description:

Clicked - Number of clicks for a link inside of the email
Opened - Number of times the email was opened
Bounced - Emails not delivered due to bad address or spam filter
Subscribers - Members subscribed to the sequence
Unsubscribe - Number of unsubscribes
Sent emails - Number of emails sent

Reporting also tracks percentage rates per email:

Click Rate - Number of clicks / Emails sent
Open Rate - Number of opens / Emails sent
Unsubscribe Rate - Number of unsubscribes / Emails sent

Keeping tabs on your email marketing is essential to a successful email marketing campaign. Reviewing your email sequence stats will provide you with insight to know which emails are performing well, and which ones aren't.

Additional settings

Email Sequence Include - This section will display which offer and forms will automatically add new subscribers to your email sequence.

Email Sequence Exclude - This section allows you to exclude new submission from a form or offer.

Sending Time - Configure the time you would like to send your email sequences.

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