How do I create an optin form? How can I collect people's emails on my website?

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The Opt-in Form is an essential marketing tool that collects specific information from your site visitors. A form uses fields to specify the type of data that's added to your list. In the online marketing world, the action of submitting a form is known as opting-in or subscribing. The more opt-ins you get, the bigger your list. Big List = cash money, Capeesh? Now that we're on the same page, let's show you how to create a form.

  • From the Kajabi Assistant you can type and choose Opt-in Form:


  • Next, give your form a title, then click save.

Adding Fields (optional)

The form wizard will take you to the fields tab. This is where you can specify what type of information you would like to receive from your visitors.

  • Click the "add to form" button to add any additional fields
  • Don't see the field that you want? Click the +New Field button at the top right

Tip: Lengthy forms with fields requesting personal information can run off your interested visitors. For best results, keep your form short and sweet. In most cases, name and email will do, and sometimes, just email is enough.

Once you've added the fields, your form is ready to use. You can now add your form to landing pages, your homepage, and other pages throughout your site.

Note: Opt-in forms are dynamic in Kajabi. So if you add or remove fields in the form settings, the change will be reflected wherever the form is visible on your site. 

Opt-in Form Submissions

You can view your form submissions be clicking the "submissions" tab at the top

 If you have an unwanted submission, click the "remove" button to delete the submission

Opt-in Form Details 

The form details tab contains form settings such as integrations, thank you page, and offer grant. 

Thank You Page:

Choose which Landing Page to take the user to after they fill out the form


Send the captured information to a webhook URL

Third Party Integration:

Choose a third party integration to send the contact to when an opt-in form has been submitted.

Note: Integrations can be configured from the integrations tab on your Admin Dashboard.

Submission Notification: 

Send an email notification when someone completes an optin form. You can add multiple emails, just hit the tab button after you enter each email. Don't forget to save!

Grant Offer:

Grant access to an offer for anyone who completes the form. If the person is not already a member, Kajabi will automatically create a membership for them.

Email Sequence Subscription:

Subscribe whoever submits this form to an Email Sequence.

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