How do I add my pdf or eBook to a landing page? How do I setup a freemium?

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Learn how to add downloadable content to a landing page. This setup is ideal for a free ebook or pdf giveaway.

In this guide, we will be creating two landing pages. The first landing page will contain an opt-in form. After this form is submitted, the visitor will be redirected to a second landing page where they will download the content.

Create your first landing page!

First, we will create the initial landing page that contains the opt-in form.

  • Go to the marketing tab, then click +New Landing Page
  • Once your landing page text and/or images have been added to the page, select an optin form to be integrated into the page. If you do not already have a dedicated opt-in form, click the edit your forms link to create a new one.

Landing Page Example

Create a "Thank You" landing page

Now it's time to create the second landing page. This page will be called a "Thank You" page. Its purpose is to thank your visitors for opting into your list and to provide them with their free gift.

Note: If possible, it's recommended to use the same theme as your first landing page. This familiarity will help maintain your visitor's comfortability.

  • Go to the action button settings by clicking the action button in the preview plane on the right.

  • Next, change the button action to Download a file, then upload the file to the button.

Great job! We're almost done.

Add a Thank You page redirect

In our last step, we will configure a redirect on the opt-in form. This redirect will send your visitors to the "Thank You" landing page when they submit the form.

  • Return to the first landing page, then within the form section, click edit your forms

  • Next, find the form on the list then click edit.

In the details tab of form settings, you will see a Thank you page section. Select the appropriate landing page from the drop-down list.

  • Once you've selected the thank you page, your visitors will be redirected to this page once the form is submitted.


Landing Page > Opt-in Form > Thank You Page

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