Share links give you the ability to track and share any URL with your affiliates. You can add any link as a share link. Kajabi will mask this link and create a unique link for each of your affiliates. Your affiliates will use their assigned share links to promote your content to their list. 

  • To create a share link, type "Share Link" in Kajabi Assistant

  • Then click the +New Link at the top-right
  • Now give your name your link (the name will be visible to your affiliates) and select where you would like your link to redirect to. Using a custom URL gives you the freedom to promote any website URL that you wish.

We're going to use for this example:

Once your share link is saved, it will appear in the Share Links tab on the left.

Your affiliates can access share links from their affiliate dashboard.

If you look at the affiliate's share link, you'll notice the URL is different from the original.


Affiliate Share Link:

Kajabi masks the original URL with a custom link for each affiliate. This link is unique to each affiliate. When a customer clicks this link, a cookie will be tagged with that affiliate's information.

Note: Affiliate cookies will last 30 days in the customer's browser. Anything that a customer purchases will be credited to the last cookie saved. Only one cookie is stored at a time, so the last referring affiliate will get the credit.

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