How do I set up membership levels? Can I have different membership Tiers?

Making tiered memberships is easy with new Kajabi! All members belong to your entire site, but each member only has access to the tier that they've purchased.

For example, let's say you have a three-tiered offer and you want the lowest tier to contain just the main product (in this case the product is named "Zookeeper Secrets").

You want the next tier to contain the main product "Zookeeper Secrets" and the "Bonus" product. And you want the top tier, super duper deluxe package to include all 4 products and the "Bonus."

To sell the three subscription levels, you would bundle the Products that you wish to be included together as an "Offer."

Tip: Learn how to add and remove products from an offer here

For the above example, you would make 3 separate Offers:

  • One for the main product (lowest tier)
  • One for the main product + bonus (middle tier)
  • and finally one for the package with everything (top tier)

Tip: Another option would be to sell only the main product initially and add the other products subsequently as upsells.

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