How do I import my existing members? Can I move over all my members from my other sites?

If you already have a list of members that you want to import and grant access to some or all of your products, you can use the import members feature to grant them access to an offer that includes your products.

Note: Importing your members does not subscribe them to email marketing. In order for a member to receive marketing emails, they will need to complete an opt-in form in Kajabi.

Create an Offer that includes the Products you want to grant your new members access to. Click here to learn how to create an offer.

  • You can check that the offer includes the correct product by visiting the Product tab in the offer settings: 

  • Once you've confirmed the products in the offer, it's time to import your contacts. Head over to the People tab in your Admin Dashboard.

  • Then click the +New Member button in the top right.
  • Here you'll want to paste your list of members and select the offer you just created. This should be in the form of a CSV with their name and email separated by commas. 

Kajabi does not support CSV file import. You will need to paste the raw data into the field. 

Tip: To get the raw data for the CSV, right click the file from your desktop, then select a text editor from the open with option. Copy the data from the text editor, then paste it right into the field in Kajabi. 

  • Click Save and you're all done! Your members will receive an automated email that contains their login information as well as a link to your Site. To view and edit this email, go to your Website tab and then to your Email Templates tab.


Click here to learn about advanced importing options.

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