How does the Affiliate Program work?

You can track partner referrals, sales, and commissions with our affiliate program. Here's how to get started with an affiliate program for your new Kajabi products. 

Note: The affiliate feature is only available for Pro and Premium plans. Click here to upgrade your plan.

  • Let's start by opening the Affiliates tab:

  • From there you will be taken to the Affiliates Dashboard:

The affiliate dashboard displays an overview of how your affiliates are performing.

Click - The overall clicks from your affiliate share links

Conversions - How many people purchased from an affiliate share link

Conversion Rate - Overall clicks / conversions

Below the affiliate statistics, you will find our Affiliate Signup link and Login Link

Affiliate Signups

  • Distribute the signup link to your new affiliates for them to sign up for your affiliate program:

The Kajabi affiliate feature gives you the freedom to pay your affiliates whenever and however you want. Although Paypal email is requested, it is not required.  

The signup page is simple and straightforward. To give your affiliate signup page a personal touch by adding your logo, click the Affiliate Details tab. The logo will be seen when affiliates sign up, log in, and in the upper left corner of their dashboard.

Soon after the new affiliate submits the form, Kajabi will create an affiliate dashboard for them and send an automated welcome email.

You can customize the affiliate welcome email template. Click the website tab, them email templates. Then select the Affiliate User Welcome Email.

Once your new affiliate has created their account, it's time for them to log in. 

You can find the login URL in your affiliates dashboard

Affiliate Dashboard

Each affiliate will have their own personal dashboard. On this page, they can keep track their personal transactions, and access share links

The Reports tab will give them access to a monthly report of their personal transactions. 

In the Settings tab, they can do things like change their password, subscribe or unsubscribe to notifications, and change their name and email. 

Note: Your affiliate will be notified when they make an affiliate sale. This notification is enabled by default but it can be disabled from the settings tab. 

Sharing Affiliate Links

Share links give you the ability to track and share any URL with your affiliates. You can add any link as a share link. Kajabi will mask this link and create a unique link for each of your affiliates. Your affiliates will use their assigned share links to promote your content to their list. 

To create a share link, first click on the share links tab from your affiliates dashboard

Then click the +New Link at the top-right. 

Now give your name your link (the name will be visible to your affiliates) and select where you would like your link to redirect to. Using a custom URL gives you the freedom to promote any website URL that you wish.

We're going to use for this example. 


Once your share link is saved, it will appear in the Share Links tab on the left.

Your affiliates can access share links from their affiliate dashboard.

If you look at the affiliate's share link, you'll notice the URL is different from the original.


Affiliate Share Link:

Kajabi masks the original URL with a custom link for each affiliate. This link is unique to each affiliate. When a customer clicks this link, a cookie will be tagged with that affiliate's information.

Note: Affiliate cookies will last 30 days in the customer's browser. Anything that a customer purchases will be credited to the last cookie saved. Only one cookie is stored at a time, so the last referring affiliate will get the credit.

Activating Affiliates

Once your affiliates program has been setup, it's time to activate it. Affiliate tracking is enabled in the offer settings. 

Search "Offers" in Kajabi Assistant and select an offer

  • Next, select the offer that you'd like to add affiliate tracking to, then look for the After Purchase field (bottom right)


  • Now check the "Give an affiliate commission" box and set a commission percentage then click Save


  • Set a commission percentage, then hit enter to save. 

Tip: To learn how to override an affiliate percentage, click here.

Note: Affiliates must be enabled for each offer individually. Without enabling affiliates, the affiliate commissions will not be tracked.


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