How do I grant an offer/product to an existing member? How do I grant free access to a course?

Follow this guide if you would like to grant access to an offer for one member at a time.

Note: Want to import a list of members? Click here to learn how.

  • Add the product to an offer. Create an offer that includes the product(s) you want to grant your member access to. Click here to learn how to create an offer. You can check that the offer includes the correct product by visiting the product tab in the offer settings. 

  • Next, it's time to grant access to the offer. Click on the people tab:

  • Find the member then click edit to open their member details.
  • Then, select Grant Offers from the drop-down:

  •  Last, select the offer that contains the product that you want to grant access to, then click Save.

Note: You can grant access to an offer with a price. The member will be granted access without having to pay. 

Note: New members will receive an automated email that contains their login information as well as a link to your Site. Click here to learn how to edit the Welcome Email template.



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