Can I presell my course? How do I sell with the same start date?

Attaching an effective member start date to an offer will allow you to pre-sell a course and have everyone to gain access to the content at the same time. Follow this guide to learn how to specify an effective start date for an offer.

  • First, search Offers in Kajkabi assistant, then click view for the offer that you'd like to define an effective start date:

  • Next, click the Offer Details tab at the top:


Now scroll down to the Effective Member Start section and select the on a specific date option:

  • Now it's time to specify a date. Click the input box and select a date from the popup window or type the date in this format YYYY-DD-MM:

Once the date is set click Save.

Note: Changing the effective start date of an offer does not modify any existing members of the same offer. Every purchase new after a date is set will adopt the effective start date, even if the purchase is later than the specified effective start date. Also, immediately after purchase, the member will be emailed their login credentials, but the content will not be visible until the specified start date.

For example:
  • The effective start date is set for January 1, 2017
  • John buys the offer on January 10, 2017
  • John's start date will be January 1, 2017

Tip: You can also change the start date from the member details or via member import.

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