How do I track a member's progress? Can I check if my member is completing the course?

Follow this guide to learn how to track an individual member's progress through your course. If you'd like to track member progress for all members of a product click here.

  • Open the People tab from your Admin Dashboard:

  • Select the member from your list that owns the product you want to track progress for. You can filter by "owns product" for the product you're looking for and select a member from the list.
  • Once you've found your member, click "view" on the right to open up the member details.
  • From here you'll want to click "Progress" in the left menu of your admin.

  • On the progress screen, a list of all Posts for the selected product will be displayed.
  • You can select a different product from the drop-down menu at the top-right corner:

Note: Posts that haven't been dripped to the member yet will not display here.

*Member progress is not compatible with mobile devices.

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