How do I cancel a subscription in Stripe? Can I cancel a members subscription for them?

To stop future charges to a member on a multi-pay plan, you will need to remove the subscription on their account.

  • Start by logging into your Stripe account and selecting the member (you can find them by searching for their email in the search bar).
  • Once you have the member open, scroll down to the "Subscriptions" section and choose"Cancel."

You can choose to cancel the subscription immediately, or at the end of the billing cycle.

Note: If you choose "At Period End" the member will continue to have access in Kajabi through the end of their billing cycle.

  • Select "End Subscription."
  • You can confirm the member will not be billed further by verifying that under "Subscriptions" there are "No Active Subscriptions."

Note: Canceling the subscription in Stripe will automatically revoke access in Kajabi.

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