What is an Offer? How do I create a new Offer in Kajabi?

An offer is a collection of one or more products that you can sell to your customers. Offers have their own price and checkout flow. Learn how to create an offer below.

  • First, search "Create Offer" in your Kajabi Assistant:


  • You'll then be brought to the New Offer creation page.
  • Now add a title and description:


Note: The offer description will be displayed on the right side of the sales page

After you complete the form, click Save, and the setup will take you to the next step. By default, an offer is set to Free. You can edit the offer pricing by clicking the pencil icon. 

  • Click the pencil icon to edit the price

You can sell single Products, multiple Products, or even bundle all your Products together!

  • To add products, click the + Add Product button

Tip: Adding product is optional. Choosing to not add a product to an offer can be a great way to sell tickets and/or physical products.

Once you've added all of your products, it's time to configure the after purchase settings.

  • Locate the After Purchase settings on the right:

  • Check the box for any setting that applies. 
  • Once the box is selected, the settings for that item will pop out underneath. 

Tip: Use the checkout page URL to send a member directly to the checkout page to purchase the offer.

  • If you have another Offer that you'd like to appear as an Upsell after a Member purchases this Offer, you can set that up in the Upsell section.

  • Just choose which Offer you'd like to appear, then click the checkmark button to edit the upsell:

Once you're all finished, click the blue Save button. 



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