How do I collect address and phone number at checkout?

If you wish to collect an address (and/or phone number) upon checkout, it's very easy in new Kajabi! In this article, we'll focus on adding the extra information to an existing offer. 

  • First, in the Kajabi Assistant type and choose Offers:


  • Next, go to your offer and click on the more options icon and choose Checkout:


  • Now, locate the Extra Contact Information section and checkmark the fields you want to include, you can also rename the title of this field if you'd like:



In the event you are selling a physical product that requires shipping, you will want to make sure you have this option enabled so that you know where to send their purchase

View the addresses 

In order to view the addresses, you will need to export the members from the offer. Click the Offers tab, then click the Export button for the offer.


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