How do I create a PayPal button? Can I add PayPal payments to my site?

Are you looking to give your customers the option to checkout with PayPal? The first step in making this possible is to create a PayPal payment button. Follow this guide to learn how. 

Step 1: Create your PayPal button

  • First, click tools from your PayPal Dashboard:

  • Click Create New Button on the right
  • Click Payment Buttons:

Configure button price

In this step, you will add a price to the button. This is similar to creating an offer in Kajabi. If you have a one-time payment, choose Buy Now or If you would like to use a monthly payment plan, use the Subscription button type.


Once you've added a price to the button, skip step 2 of the wizard, then go to step 3 Customize Advanced Features.

Configure Button Thank You page

In step 3 of the button wizard, you have the option to configure redirects. The first field is for if the customer wants to cancel the transaction. The second field will be for a thank you page after purchase. This is a great opportunity to create a Thank You landing page in Kajabi, and add the URL to the PayPal button.

Click Save Changes, then when you're done, click Create Button




Click here to learn how to add new PayPal customers to Kajabi.

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