My logo is too large for marketing emails, what do I do? How do I brand my marketing emails?

Want to deliver a distinct look to each of your marketing emails? Well, adding images to your marketing emails will do just that. Properly branding your marketing emails is essential to its performance and adding images will help separate each email from the rest.  

First, let's discuss how to properly add your logo to a marketing email.

Section 1:

Finding the logo

Here are a few things you'll want to consider when choosing a logo for your email marketing:

Your company logo should be non-distracting and provide recognition to your customers. Be sure to find a logo that is simple and doesn't take too much attention from your content. 

Less is more, a bite-sized logo can make a huge difference. The recommended width for your logo is 150px. The image height should be proportional to width. 

Transparent Background
Be sure to remove the background from your logo. Inconsistent colors between your logo and the rest of the email could distract subscribers from digesting your content. 

Good Logo:

Bad Logo:

Section 2:

Adding Images

Adding image to your marketing email is a handy tool in your marketing arsenal. Your feature image will play the role of grabbing your subscribers attention. 

Here's a few tips for your feature image:

Your feature image should be large, bold, and immediately grasp your reader's attention. This is the first thing they will see, so it helps if the image provides a general idea of what they can expect from reading the content. 

To add your image, click the image icon on the text editor toolbar. 

Recommended dimensions: 600x300

After you've added your image, it's time to add text. Be sure to include a call to action button to help guide your visitor into the right direction!

Marketing Email Example:

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