Does Kajabi integrate with Active Campaign?

Kajabi has a new feature allowing you to integrate your ActiveCampaign account with your new Kajabi account. If you would like to accomplish this, you can do so by following the steps below. 

  • First, you'll need to turn on your ActiveCampaign integration by going to your 'Integrations' tab in your admin dashboard. 

  • After toggling your ActiveCampaign integration on, you'll notice two boxes appear. One requires your API Url, and the other requires your API Key. We'll need to open a new browser tab, and login to our ActiveCampaign account. 

  • Now that you're in your account on ActiveCampaign, simply go to 'My Settings' via the dropdown menu at the top. 

  • Once in your settings, navigate to the 'Developer' tab on the left. Within that tab, you'll see your API information at the top. We'll go ahead and copy your API URL first, and go back to our Kajabi tab. 

  • Go ahead and paste your API Url and API Key into the proper boxes in your Kajabi account. Then, repeat this step with your API Key

  • Now, you'll want to setup a form for your new ActiveCampaign integration. Let's go back to our ActiveCampaign dashboard and locate our 'Lists' tab. Within this tab, click on 'Add New List.'

  • Go ahead and setup your new list within the prompted menu. After entering your information, click 'Create List.' 

  • Now that your list is created, you'll need to open it up to find your 'List id.' Click on your newly made list within your ActiveCampaign dashboard. 

  • Within the open list, you'll find your 'List ID' within your url at the top of the page. Find where it says 'listid=' and the numbers that follow will be your list id. The list id in this example is simply 1. 

  • We'll need to go back to our Kajabi admin and find our Opt-in Forms section within the Email Marketing tab. You can either add a new form or edit a previous one to add this integration. 

  • Within your newly made or edited form, select the opt-in form:


  • Once in the opt-in form, scroll down to "Third Party Integration". You'll see a drop-down menu, where you can select ActiveCampaign:


  • Now simply type your List ID into the appropriately labeled box and click Save and you're all set! Your ActiveCampaign list should now be integrated with your new Kajabi form!

Connecting ActiveCampaign to Checkout Pages

If you would like to send contacts to Active Campaign after a purchase is made, you'll want to connect it to an Offer.

  • First, go to your Sales tab, then your Offers tab:


  • Next, select the offer:

  • Once in, scroll down and look for "After Purchase" on the right-hand side and select "Send the member to a third party email provider" and select Active Campaign:


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