How do I add new PayPal customers to Kajabi?


To grant new PayPal customers access to an offer on Kajabi after a successful sale, follow the steps in our PayPal-Kajabi integration below. Click on "Use this Zap" to get started!

Note: Before starting with this guide, we will need a PayPal payment button. If you haven't created your PayPal button yet, learn how to create it here.

Connecting PayPal to Zapier

  • Once you've selected your PayPal trigger, you'll see a URL for the webhook. Go ahead and click "Copy to Clipboard" for use on PayPal's site.


Now it's time to add the IPN URL to Paypal.

  • Click here to access you IPN settings
  • Paste the IPN URL then save:

Once you have the IPN saved, Paypal will know where to send the webhook for new purchases. 

The next step is to create a filter for this Zap. This will help dictate which offer will be granted when a customer makes a purchase in Paypal. 

  • Return to the Zapier setup and add a new step:

  • Now pick Filter from the app list
  • Select Item name from the first box and the text should match exactly
  • The last field should be the Item name of the Paypal payment button:

  • Paste the Item name in the last field:

Tip: The best way to reduce errors, copy and paste the Item name directly from Paypal.

Once the filter is complete, continue to the next step.

  • Select Kajabi for the action step then choose "Grant Access to an Offer":

  • Select the Site and Offer, then complete the form with the following fields:

  • Finally, name your Zap and enable it by flipping the switch! 


Note: PayPal is a premium App, so you'll need to have a paid Zapier subscription to use this Zap.



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