Is there an activation and deactivation webhook? Can I activate or deactivate a member from a 3rd party?

If you want to have a member activated or deactivated in Kajabi when an external event occurs (such as a new or failed payment or canceled subscription in a 3rd party payment provider) you can accomplish this with webhooks, or automations within the app.

  • Each offer has an "Activation" and "Deactivation" URL displayed in its Offer Details page.
  • Click the Offers tab, then select the offer:

  • Click the Offer Details tab at the top:

  • The webhooks are located toward the bottom of the page:

Activation URL

When using the Activation URL, you'll make an HTTP POST, but your Offer Grant Confirmation email will not send out automatically. In order to have an Offer Grant Confirmation email sent, you'll have to send your HTTP POST along with the parameter "send_offer_grant_email". This is because it is automatically set to false if you don't specify it. 

Deactivation URL

When using the Deactivation URL, you'll need to configure your remote system to make an HTTP POST along with this required parameter:

  • external_user_id - A unique identifier from your 3rd party system tied to your user. This should be the same id you sent when you activated the user originally. This will most likely be the user id from your 3rd party system. (Infusionsoft calls it "ContactId")

Note: Posting to the Deactivation URL with the required parameter will revoke a member's access each of the products that the offer they purchased included.

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