Why are my uploads taking so long? How long should an upload take?

  • If you're noticing that video or other file uploads are taking a long time, you may want to check your internet speed. While this isn't directly related to Kajabi, it's easy for you to check using Google.
  • To check your internet speed, go to Google and search "speed test". Then, click "Run Speed Test".


  • When it comes to your internet connection, there are two different types of flow of data: upload and download. Download speed is for data coming into your computer, and upload speed is for data leaving your computer. When uploading content into Kajabi, it's important to consider your upload speed. Slower upload speeds can cause a delay with the upload process. 

Note: Normal upload speed is around 8 Mbps. If you're seeing a lower number, it may be something to investigate with your internet service provider.

If your upload speed is good, it could be a connection with WiFi. A router upgrade can solve this or try plugging your computer directly into the modem/router.

Tip: Sat-Mon are Wistia's busiest days. If your video upload is delayed their queue may be backed up. You can use this link to check Wistia's system performance and uptime.

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