How do I add an upsell offer?

Maximize your profit by adding an upsell to your order flow. Now your buyers can choose to get another product with just 1 click!

Note: Upsells can only be added to paid offers. Upsells are created as an Offer that you then add as an Upsell to an existing Offer.

  • Type "Offer" into the Kajabi Assistant



  • Next, edit the Offer that you'd like to add the upsell to:


  • Scroll down and select a product from the Upsell section:


Note: Upsell offers are set to DRAFT by default. You will need to publish to make them live. 

  • Once you've added the Upsell offer, click on the Offer to edit the Upsell settings: 

  • This will take you to the Upsell edit screen. This is where you can customize the upsell body text, toggle the up on/off, you can also add a sales video explaining the upsell: 

  • When you're don't making your edits, click the Preview button to take a look at the Upsell:

  • Lastly, make sure that the Upsell is enabled to make it active: 

  • When you're done, your new customers will be directed to the Upsell page to purchase the offer:


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