Can I sell an event or physical product? Can I sell my book or tshirts on Kajabi?

Although Kajabi was not specifically designed to sell physical product or event tickets, it is possible for you to use Kajabi to do so. You can sell an event in Kajabi by creating a new product on your site.

Note: Since Kajabi is not designed with the same structure and functionality as an e-commerce platform, using an e-commerce website may be more suitable if you are selling several different products at large volumes.

  • Start by creating a new product. Click the sales tab from your admin dashboard:

  • Next click "+New Product" from the top-right.
  • Enter the title and description for the event or product:

Tip: You can add a post if you want to add additional details, a PDF to download, how long shipping will take, hotel info, or any other important details.

Step 2: Create a new offer

  • Now we will create a new offer for the event or physical product
  • Create a new offer, then add your offer details. You can bundle your event (or physical product) with other products such as an online course, or sell it as a standalone item.

  • Continue on the checkout tab at the top.

  • If you are selling a physical product, check the box to collect physical address and phone number.

When members purchase your physical product, you can export that information for address collection.

  • To export your customers' addresses, go to the Offers tab, then click Export under the menu for the offer. 

To share the offer with potential customers, share the offer checkout URL from the checkout tab of the offer settings or create a sales page and to add the product to your store!

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