What if I already have Stripe? How do I connect my existing Stripe account?

Kajabi requires a fresh, new, and dedicated Stripe account. If you already have a Stripe login that you use for other things, you'll need to create a new Stripe sub-account which will be linked to your same login to use solely for Kajabi.

Trust us, you do NOT want to try to connect Kajabi with a Stripe account that you are using for other purposes... bad things will happen.

  • Click on the sales tab in your admin dashboard:

  • Then, click on your Payments tab:


  • Since you've already got a Stripe account, click on the "I have a Stripe Account" button:

This next screen will show you how to create a new sub-account for your New Kajabi Site. Basically, inside your Stripe account, you'll click on your email address in the top right, and select "Create New Account...". This will open a popup asking for the name of your new account. Save this and your Stripe Dashboard should switch over to the newly created account.

  • Then, inside Kajabi, click on the blue Connect with Stripe button:

  • You will then be brought to a Stripe form requesting additional information.

Note: Make sure you've selected the new account you've created for your New Kajabi site.

After you've filled out the required information, click "Authorize access to this account..."

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