Does Kajabi integrate with ConvertKit?

If you’d like to integrate ConvertKit with your new Kajabi site, you can do so in a few simple steps as shown below.  

  •  First, we’ll need to go to our ‘Integrations’ tab in the admin navigation dashboard. You’ll notice that ConvertKit appears in the list with an On/Off Toggle. Go ahead and turn ConvertKit on.

You’ll see that it requires your API Key from your ConvertKit account. Let’s open a new tab and go to our ConvertKit account to grab the API Key.

  •  When you go to and sign in to your account, you can navigate to the Account tab for the API Key. You’ll notice within your Account Settings, the API Key is displayed at the top. Go ahead and copy this entire key, then go back to your Kajabi tab.


  • After pasting our copied API Key in the correct box, save your changes and then navigate to your Opt-in Forms section within the Email Marketing tab of your dashboard. 


  • Let’s create a new form by clicking the ‘+ New Opt-in Form’ link at the top. 


  • I’ve given our new form the title of Sample, just for the sake of this article.


  • Before we continue, let’s go back to our ConvertKit tab, and find the ‘Forms’ section. When in the ‘Forms’ section, click on ‘+ Create Form.’ 


  • When prompted, go ahead and choose ‘A form’ when asked to select an option. 


  • Go ahead and choose any style you wish to incorporate into your Kajabi site. 


  • Before you click on Save, take note of the number in the URL of your form. This will be our ‘Form ID’ needed in the following steps. Make sure you copy or remember this number.


  • Now go back to your Kajabi tab, and scroll down in your newly made Opt-in Form's Settings to your ‘Third-Party Integration’ section. You’ll notice a drop down menu under ‘Type.’ Click on that menu.


  • We just created a form on ConvertKit, so under "Type", we’ll choose that.
  • Do you remember your numbers from the URL in our ConvertKit tab? Well, now we will be asked for our Form ID in Kajabi. Enter the numbers from the URL into the Form ID box and click Save.

  • After clicking Save, you should be all set!
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