You can now integrate your Facebook tracking pixel directly into your Kajabi site! This new integration allows you to track new purchases, members, page views, and opt-ins. Below are the steps you'll need to take in order to utilize the pixel in Kajabi. 


  • In Kajabi, go to your Admin Dashboard, then navigate to the Integrations tab:


  • Scroll down and find the Facebook Pixel integration. You'll need to turn this integration on before continuing. 

  • Go back to our Facebook tab and find our Pixel ID. Your pixel id will be on the right side of your Facebook ad manager dashboard. 


  • Copy the Pixel ID shown in this box. 


  • You can now paste this Pixel ID in your integration tab in the Kajabi dashboard, then click Save and you should be all set! 

The Facebook Pixel Integration provides tracking for the following events:

Initiate Checkout - When someone lands on a checkout page. (note: only tracks checkout page views, not customer purchase.)

Make Purchase - Gets triggered on the subsequent page after purchasing an offer or upsell. 

PageView - Tracks every page on your site. 

Lead - Renders when a submitted opt-in form lands on a thank you page (note: thank you page could be a thank-you-landing-page as well)

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